Public Relations

We are actively involved in promoting computer science and especially theoretically computer science to the public. However, most of our activities are in German and can be found on our German public relations page.  Here a short list of our non-German activities in the past:

  • 18.-24.06.2014: Hosting the Central European Olympiad in Informatics (CEOI): Website, Jena TV
  • 10.04.2014: Timo Kötzing gives invited talk at "30th British Colloquium for Theoretical Computer Science": Website
  • 05.04.2014: Dancing "We are happy from Jena", inspired by Pharrell Williams: Youtube
  • 04.-05.04.2014: Organizing the "8th Workshop on Theory of Randomized Search Heuristics": Website
  • 10.01.2014: new DFG-Project "Theory of Swarm Algorithms and Their Effectiveness in Uncertain Environments": press release, Uni-Journal, PDF
  • 20.12.2013: new DFG-Project "Analysis of Discrete Load Balancing on Heterogeneous Networks": press release, Uni-Journal
  • 08.11.2013: new ARC-Project "Parameterized Analysis of Bio-inspired Computing": press release, Uni-Journal, PDF
  • 27.09.2013: new EU-Project: "Speed of Adaption in Population Genetics and Evolutionary Computation": press release, idw, TLZ-Article, Jena TV
  • 01.08.2013: new DFG-Project "Average-Case Analysis of Parameterized Problems and Algorithms"
  • 20.06.2013: Tobias Friedrich gives tutorial on "Theoretical Foundations of Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization" at CEC 2013
  • 25.05.2012: "Why Rumors Spread Fast in Social Networks" in the ACM TechNews: Link
  • 09.10.2011: "Even with millions typing away, aping shakespeare ain't easy" in The Wall Street Journal: WSJ, Blog